至2015年8月,公寓503 讀者入住已達到8千餘人數,而大多數讀者群來自馬來西亞,台灣及香港地區居多。感謝各單位的協助,以及來自世界各地的讀者支持。

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Welcome to Apartment 503. Located in a busy city, its tenants come from all walks of life who are busy with work as well as entertainment. When you walk into this apartment you’ll be surprised to find that it is very unique as you are allowed to walk freely in this space. Everything in this apartment is open for you to visit and the owner will even occasionally invite friends to come for a meal or to share some good stuff.

Here you can find little things in life to improve your quality of life. Apartment 503 offers you a variety of quality products and services to choose from, whether it is a brand new home appliance, a song or a movie for entertainment, an ideal travel plan and accommodation, or even a good restaurant for casual dining. There will also be an extensive review and analysis on the pros and cons of each of the product selected to serve as your reference before you made your choice.

Up to August 2015, the readers number has reached 8,ooo ++, mainly from Malaysia, Taiwan and HongKong in Asia.

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Apartment 503